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Excess Stock

Excess inventory is a universal problem and requires a personalised solution. Kispia will work with you to establish your objectives and tailor a solution to your needs, offering you an efficient and time effective revenue recovery. We can offer you a range of options between rapid disposal to longer stock recovery with enhanced income.


We will strive to achieve the best results for you using one, or a mix of the following methods:


  • Outright Purchase: Whether for individual line items or whole lot bids, Kispia will provide an offer that, once agreed on, will quickly become a payment. We can arrange for shipping as required making the entire process as straightforward as possible.

  • Consignment Stocking: Offering the best opportunity for maximum asset return, consignment stocking will take longer to recoup value than an outright purchase but will immediately free up warehouse space and time. Kispia will arrange shipment of your stock to our warehouse. Once counted and collated, Kispia will market globally on your behalf with an agreed percentage of sales shared with you. At all times you retain ownership of the stock while we do the work.

  • Virtual Consignment: As with consignment stocking but you keep the stock in your own warehouse and ship to us as we sell on your behalf.

  • Recycling: if your excess stock contains recyclable material waste, Kispia can handle this issue for you via our Recycling Partners.

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